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The Altar Of Complexity
Steel balls pay tribute to the altar by taking turns powering a
brass propeller during their descent into their troughs.
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The action of this machine is very complex, mainly due to all the pulleys, triggering devices, and compensating mechanisms needed to facilitate the main movements.

A brass "propeller" is attached to a wooden "see-saw"-shaped arm through a cord that snakes through a maze of pulleys. When the propeller is spun, the arm rises until it hits a trigger that releases one of 10 steel balls from a dispensing mechanism. (It's the weight of each falling ball that powers the machine beyond the initial spin.)

As the arm lowers the ball into a receiving trough, the propeller spins in the opposition direction, which causes the other end of the arm to rise until it triggers the release of another ball, and the entire process repeats itself.

In some ways, this visually satisfying machine is a more authoritative, masculine version of my "Art Deco Elegance And The Mystery Arm" machine.

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