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Ballet With Three Pendulums
Three connected pendulums gracefully sway
back and forth in a complex, silent ballet.
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This machine is intended to demonstrate how various pendulums can be coupled together to produce highly unusual, elegant movement.

The curved double-ended pendulums attached to each wooden arm are indirectly joined to each other via pivoted rods that connect to a disc-shaped central pivot point. Suspended from this pivot point is a smaller single-ended pendulum. The three rods connecting all of the pendulums form a 'Y' shape, which enables all of the pendulums to influence each other's movement without being rigidly connected.

This pendulum system is set in motion by pulling the central pendulum to the side and letting go. While the two double-ended pendulums eventually swing out of phase with each other, the single-ended pendulum swings back and forth in a complex manner because its pivot point is also moving.

The overall effect is that of a silent mechanical ballet.

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