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La Grande Machine: A Towering Mechanical Symphony
La Grande Machine: A Towering Mechanical Symphony
A brass ball descending below the platform sets off a crazed
symphony of waving arms, spinning fans, and churning gears.
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This large and involved machine is powered by a heavy brass ball which is raised by pulleys and a ratcheted geared crank. As the ball descends, its weight rotates a large central shaft which powers five smaller machines that operate simultaneously on the upper platform. They are:

   a) Double-Gear Variable Rocking Arm: To the right of the crank are two gears attached to a pivoted arm which not only goes up and down, it rocks upon its own axis in a very odd, sinuous manner that repeats itself every 15 rotations.
   b) Ring Gear with Two Internal Planetary Gears: Behind the rocking arm are two small gears that rotate about their own axes while traveling around the inside of a stationary ring gear.
   c) Rotating Arm With Cam-Activated Oscillating Arms: Off to the left of the crank is a large irregularly shaped brass propeller, plus two pivoted, cam-activated vertical arms that wave back and forth.
   d) Vertical Rotating Assembly: To the rear of the machine is a very complex assembly where two brass arms spin around vertical and horizontal axes.
   e) Fan Air Brake: Connected to the above assembly is a cream and black fan-like mechanism, which serves as an air brake to maintain the speed of the entire machine within an acceptable level.

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