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An Old Brownie Movie Camera Put To Bad Use
Thanks to an old movie camera engine, a spoked wheel spins, a
disc waves, a spring bounces, and two crescents go clickety-clack.
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The power source for this machine is a 1950s wind-up Brownie movie camera, which is buried deep within the bowels of the wooden chamber. (It was a good choice because those old movie cameras have quite a powerful spring, plus a speed control mechanism that keeps the spring from unwinding too fast.)

The movie camera's winding arm was modified so that it could be connected to a pulley and belt arrangement that runs from inside the chamber to a horizontal shaft mounted on top of the chamber. All movement is taken off of this single shaft.

A specially designed clutch-and-trigger mechanism was installed to enable the camera to be disengaged while being wound up, and then reengaged when the start knob on the left is pulled. When the machine is set in motion, several things happen simultaneously:

1) A spoked wheel rotates
2) A pendulum-like object swings back and forth
3) A cam-activated arm causes a spiral clock spring to bounce around
4) Two crescent-shaped objects dance around, while making a loud clickety-clack noise

While the machine runs for less than a minute, it creates a good deal of rather zany-looking commotion when it's running!

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