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Victor Rat Trap No. 1
Using the power of a rat trap, a knight repeatedly
attacks an evil jester. The prize? He-Man's life.
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The only power source for this machine is one simple rat trap, which is affixed to a wooden base. The rat trap's spring can be pulled all the way back and held there, thanks to a cord and roller arrangement attached to a crank shaft.

This shaft is connected to a gearbox which, in turn, connects to the vertical shaft on which the knight is perched. (The gearbox provides a fairly high multiplication, such that one turn of the shaft produces many turns of the knight's shaft.)

When the wound-up spring is released, the knight's shaft rotates, and, due to centrifugal force, his metal ball on a cord swings out and wraps itself around the Jester's rod. When the ball finishes wrapping around, it unwinds itself, and the entire process repeats. All the while, the rat trap spring is slowly unwinding, a process that takes over 12 minutes to complete. (You will be relieved to know that He-Man is mercifully allowed to escape a grisly death.)

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