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The Zig-Zagging Rolling Ball Machine
A ball zig-zags down a track and hits a trigger that tilts the platform in the opposite direction, sending the ball back to hit the other trigger, and so on.
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A steel ball rolls down a zig-zag track, which is recessed into a pivoted inclined platform, which is in turn mounted on top of a box containing a wind-up, spring-driven clockwork mechanism.

When the ball completes its downward journey, it hits a trigger that causes the clockwork mechanism to tilt the platform in the opposite direction with an authoritative 'clank'. The ball then rolls down the zig-zag track in the opposite direction before hitting the trigger at that end, and the process repeats itself.

This alternating back-and-forth action continues for about 8 minutes before the machine comes to a stop when the clockwork spring winds down.

This machine is not only hypnotic to watch, the zig-zagging ball makes a very pleasing sound as it zips around the track.

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